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Effects of Properties of Aggregates on the

Variation in the size of Aggregates changes the water demand, cement content, micro-cracking (strength) in concrete. It also effects pumpability, and durability of

How does Aggregate Properties Affect

Coarse aggregates have properties such as size, shape, moisture contents, specific gravity, density etc. which affects concrete strength and durability in many ways.

Mechanical properties of the concrete

Mechanical properties of the concrete containing recycled fibers and aggregates. properties of this concrete concrete properties with recycled aggregates

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Mechanical Properties of Recycled Coarse

Mechanical Properties of Recycled Coarse Aggregate (RCA) Concrete properties of recycled coarse aggregate The properties of natural fine aggregates

Influence of field recycled coarse aggregate

This paper investigates the influence of different amounts of recycled coarse aggregates 0.50 and 1.0 are adopted in the concrete mixes. The properties

Influence of Crushed Coarse Aggregates on

Both coarse aggregates and fine aggregates are the main constituents of concrete because they not only give the body to the concrete, it also have a significant

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Aggregates strongly influence concrete's freshly mixed and the properties of freshly mixed concrete more than the properties of hardened concrete.


Mirjana Malešev, et al., Properties of recycled aggregate concrete may significantly differ from the properties of aggregates obtained from natural resources.

Effect of Types of Fine Aggregate on Mechanical

The coarse aggregates with basaltic origin, I “Effect of Types of Fine Aggregate on Mechanical Properties of Cement “Properties of concrete prepared